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chandna rani
Apr 02, 2022
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This neoliberal domination coincided with an explosion of social demands for the recognition of diversity, which generated changes in mobile phone number list the interpretive frameworks and in the policies of recognition, focused on the celebration of diversity, multiculturalism and difference. It is certainly more than a matter of coincidence. The affinities between neoliberal individualism and the exaltation of diversity –understood as difference and not as inequality– are remarkable. Analytical approaches followed these changes and paid more attention to mobile phone number list cultural difference and claims to recognition than to structural inequalities and claims to resources. This article addresses the links between structural inequalities and social differences. As Rogers Brubaker maintains, the differences anchored in various ascribed categories –in particular, gender, ethnicity and race; also citizenship – are not intrinsically linked to mobile phone number list inequality; being different does not necessarily imply being unequal . The relationship between difference and inequality is contingent, not necessary; it is empirical, not conceptual. And the degree and manner in which inequality is structured across categories mobile phone number list varies widely across time and context.1 . However, the links are not simple: the social categories of difference are historically and culturally constructed, and their importance can vary mobile phone number list over time and space; once established, they have a profound influence on the production and reproduction of inequalities. It is not my intention to present and discuss the various perspectives and approaches that have been developed to address these issues. My objective is more limited and concrete: to analyze the links between the various dimensions of social inequalities and, more specifically, to discuss the contribution of some Latin American thinkers to the analysis of these links.
chandna rani
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