Saturday With The Collins Family
Date: June 8th
Time: 11am - 3:00ish
Starting Location: Oskar Blues (118 N Tejon St)

Join us for a day with family as the Local Motive takes you to 4 locations full of fun, adventure, activities (games and such), delicious food, optional cocktails, a suprise historical stop featuring some Collins family history, and catching up! 


First off, bravo for being the coolest family by doing something different! I promise this will be like nothing any of you expect and you will have the absolute BEST time together. Please read below about what to expect. Delicious food specials will be featured at each location as well as optional cocktail/drink specials. for those who choose to partake. All the locations are kid friendly. We are also featuring a few very fun family friendly activity based spots. The best mentality to ensure a good time is to have an open mind and a go with the flow attitude! 

Here's how it works:  Meet us at the first stop for your first bit of lunch and an optional cocktail or beer or non alcoholic beverage (we won't micro manage), then we hop on the bus for Dancing, Shenanigans, Etc.. Second stop we do an activity filled location (with more optional food and drinks), than back on the bus (dancing, singing, yada yada yada) then off for two more of our favorite suprise stops than back to the starting spot.


What You Need to Know:

-Double check event logistics (starting time, location etc.)

-Locations are a surprise! It's part of the fun!

-Look for the Local Motive Sign to check in.

-Food & drink are not included but we set up killer food and drink specials at each location!

-I fyou are drinking we recommend getting a ride to the starting location, so we can all have a good time responsibly.

-For those that are drinking, all drinking is done at the locations, not on the bus. Let's support these businesses!

- This is a food, family frindly and activty based crawl however drinks will also be available for those who partake at all locations. 

-Come with an open mind, go-with-the-flow attitude, & excitement to try new things and meet new people!

- You will recieve a logistics email a few days before the crawl ensuring the start location, check in time, and the time the bus departs! 

Ticket Refund Policy
We want every tour to be great for our customers. That's why so much planning goes into each one. The amount of people on tour is essential to our planning and budgeting. Because of this we cannot offer a refund within 72 hours of the event.
Thank you for respecting this policy and helping us create the best experience possible!



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