Where’s the Firkin Beer Colorado Springs?!

Firstly, what the firk is a firkin? Well my friend, I’m glad you asked! A firkin is a specific sized cask brewers use to condition beer. It is relatively small measuring in at ¼ barrel or 10.8 gallons. Traditionally firkins were made with wood though today they are often made of metal and can look much like a keg. Brewers often use firkins to infuse flavors into the beer and produce a different experience for the drinker.

But what does it taste like? Firkin beer can taste quite different than your normal modern beer. One of the main differences is that modern beer is filtered and carbonated with CO2 prior to being kegged while firkin beer is not filtered or carbonated but is instead fermented with live yeast. The fermentation creates CO2 gas which provides some carbonation but it is much less than a regular beer. Another difference is firkin beer is mainly served at a warmer temperature of around 55 degrees. While this may seem odd to some beer drinkers, the temperature allows for the aromas and flavors of the beer to emerge that would otherwise be masked by chilling and carbonation. Firkin drinkers often report a softer, gentler mouthfeel and some malty undertones depending on the brewer, though firkin beer can have about any flavor.

I want to try it, where can I find a firkin beer? There are lots of breweries in Colorado Springs that pride themselves on their firkin beer. One in particular that comes to mind is Goat Patch Brewery. Their firkin beers are the firkin best in our opinion. They usually release their firkins on Saturdays so hurry over while they are still in stock!

Below are a few of our favorite breweries that we know brew in house firkin beer. Because the supplies are often limited due to the smaller cask size we would recommend calling down first to be sure they have some in stock.

  • Goat Patch Brewing Co – Saturday firkin release

  • Cerberus Brewing Co – $4 firkin special on Wednesdays

  • Jak’s Brewing Co

  • Red Leg Brewing Co

  • Trinity Brewing Co

  • Cogstone Brewing Co

  • Bristol Brewing Co

Do you know of a brewery in the Colorado Springs area that brews awesome firkin beer? Post them below in the comments! Or let us know what your favorite firkin spot is!

If you want to take a full firkin tour check out our March Firkin Beer Tour! We will take you to four local breweries that brew the firkin best beers! We also get you the best firkin deals in town so don’t wait to try some firkin beer, hop on the bus!

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