5 Things That Will Happen to You on a Party Bus Crawl

There’s lots of perks to hopping on the bus that make it a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are just 5 of the things that will happen to you when you join us for a crawl!

1. You will make a bus full of friends!

You may come alone but you will never be alone on the bus! By the end of the night everyone is a friend! The bus has seen many long term friendships start from a night of debauchery and mischief and there’s sure to be many more to come.

2. You will discover local places you may not even know existed!

The locations are a surprise, that is until you get there but you may still find yourself asking “where the heck am I?!” Don’t worry, you will still be in the Springs area! In fact, you will find yourself at one of Colorado Springs’ beloved local establishments and supporting local business! So come along for the ride and possibly even explore a new favorite to frequent!

3. You will celebrate (and drink) because there is always something to be celebrated on the bus!

Birthdays, holidays, bachelorette parties or you finally reached that hard to get itch that’s been driving you crazy, there is always something to celebrate while you are on the bus! You walked away from that annoying coworker instead of slapping them like you wanted to? Congrats, we’ll drink to that! And with awesome drink specials at each location you can celebrate with peace of mind knowing you’re getting the very best deals.

4. You will feel the thrill of finding surprise perks all throughout the bus!

This one you will have to just experience for yourself, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise otherwise now would it! Hint: some of it is wearable, calling all fashionistas!

5. You will feel the uncontrollable urge to dance, sing and party with your fellow crawlers!

Did someone say singalong?! You know it! The whole bus gets down and belts out the best tunes while stomping their feet to the beat! Party on the bus, in the bars and everywhere in-between cause the party won’t stop as long as the bus is here!

Experience the magic of the bus for yourself and hop on one of our many crawls! Brewery Tours, Dive Bar Crawls, Margarita Taco Crawls, there’s something for everyone! Find our upcoming tours here.

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