Holiday Inn Lakewood

Private Bus Rentals

Holiday Inn Lakewood is now working with The Local Motive Bus Rentals to make your Wedding Day Transportation a stress-free, fun, and memorable experience for you and your guests. With this partnership, you can include the cost of transport into your guests hotel booking and get the lowest Bus Rental Rates in all of Colorado, guaranteed!

How It Works

Make planning for your wedding even easier while saving money! When you book with the Holiday Inn Lakewood you can simply include the cost of transportation into your guests hotel bookings. You can determine exactly how much you want to add on to the cost of each hotel room ( $10-30 or more ) which will then be taken out of the bus package total. This could completely cover the costs of an awesome bus rental! If there is any remaining balance after your guests have booked, you can easily complete the payment two weeks before the wedding.

Each package includes 9 hours of transportation to and from your venue. The bus will be there for the entire event for any emergency or last minute runs (Oh no, the bride forgot to bring something blue! Not a problem, we've got you!)

Steps to Book the Bus

  1. Contact Leslie Navarro at to get started with more information.

  2. Sign the provided hotel contract and bus rental contract.

  3. Get guests to start booking! The more people that book a room, the less you have to pay for the bus! 

  4.  Pay any remaining balance two weeks before the event.

  5.  Have a blast on the bus, a wonderful stay and an amazing wedding! 

School Bus Package Total


  • 9 hours of transport to and from your venue

  • Comfortable seating for up to 56 guests

  • The cleanest School Buses you've ever been on

  • Room for luggage, coolers, tailgate equipment etc..

  • Max Air Conditioning

  • Friendliest Drivers

  • Grade School Nostalgia at no extra charge

group on bus.jpg

Party Bus Package Total



  • 9 hours of transport to and from your venue

  • Custom Couches

  • Built in Bar Tops and Coolers

  • Kickin' Sound System with Bluetooth hook up

  • Comfortable Seating for up to 40 people & plenty of dancing room!

  • Fun themes, bright colors and welcoming atmosphere

  • Everything you need for the perfect ride!

Need 2 Busses?

No problem, we've got them! We may even be able to offer a further discount. Just let Kristie know when you book with her.


Contact Info

Fill out the form below so we can contact you later. We will reach out 30 days prior to your event to finalize any logistics.


Let's Party!

The Local Motive is a unique party bus built to make everyone feel welcome and have a blast!


Go "Old School"

We are the Front Range's Only Local School Bus Rental Service. This is the perfect choice for getting your group where it needs to go! 

Bus Rental FAQ

Are there any additional fees?

The only additional fee to this amazing deal would be a tip for the driver. This is at your discretion and can be added directly to the invoice, or the driver can put out a tip jar for your guests to contribute to. 

What is an example of the Shuttle Schedule on the Day of the Wedding? 

Tentative Shuttle Schedule on Day of the Wedding (With 1 Bus and 4:30pm Ceremony)

  1. 3:30pm - Bus arrives at guest pick up location (allow 15 minutes for loading)

  2. 3:45pm - Bus departs pick up location for your venue

  3. 4:15pm - Guests arrive at your venue

  4. 11:00pm - Guests load onto bus and depart your venue (allow 15 minutes for loading)

  5. 11:45pm - Guest drop off at final location

Can we have alcohol on the bus?

You may bring bring alcohol onto the bus, just no glass. The party bus has a cooler on it, but you may need to bring additional coolers. There is space on the school bus for coolers. 

Can I book the bus for other transportation needs for the weekend?

Yes, if you need additional transportation we will give you a great rate because you are guests of the Holiday Inn Lakewood. Once we start the conversation with you, we can talk about all your transportation needs and rates.

Can I book one Party Bus and one School Bus

Yes. If you want to mix and match the party bus and school bus you can do that. It works well to make the Party Bus the "VIP" bus for the bridal party and close family and friends.