Local Motive Crawl Refund & Cancellation Policies

What is your refund policy?

Because so much planning goes into every tour/crawl based off of the amount of registered crawlers, we are unable to give refunds as of April 1, 2019. We would still love for your to attend a future event so we would love to offer a transfer code if you can notify us within 72 hours of the event you registered for. The transfer code is valid to any of our crawls up to the value of the purchased amount. Thank you for your understanding of this policy. Text is the best form of communication to receive your transfer code. 719.204.4141 Calling or texting is the 2nd best form Emails may or may not be answered in a timely order due to high volume.

Weather Cancellations Refund & Transfer Code Policy?

It is up to Local Motive's discretion to cancel an event in the instance of extreem weather such as icy roads, snow, hail, fog, heavy rain or any other form of weather that might hinder the safety of the event are all things we take into consideration as high priority to keep our crawlers safe. We would rather cancel and event then risk anyones safety. Refunds are not available If an event is cancelled due to weather. Instead we offer all our crawlers a transfer code to register for a future event because we want you to experince an awesome time on the Local Motive!