The Marg &

Taco Crawl 

What to Expect

Marg & Tacos Galore! 

Local Motive Party Bus Marg & Taco tours are by far one of the best ways to see a diverse collection of margs & tacos in Colorado Springs! We take you to 4 locations with a 1 taco 1 margarita featured special at each spot! As good and diverse as the margs & tacos are, the real fun is on the bus! Dancing! Decorations! Sometimes hidden mustaches (because who doesn't love a fake mustache) are just some of the fun highlights of the night! 

Every tour is unique. Sometimes you will get street style tacos with spicy margaritas or mango margaritas and sticky bun tacos. Whatever the culinary journey your about to take, as long as your open to trying new things with a go with the flow attitude that is ready for fun, then you will have the best night of your life!

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